Eastern Analytical engaged us to help them update and focus their brand across all their outlets. First we started by creating a logo that encompassed a hint of an assay lab feel with a modern color scheme. Visit http://www.easternanalytical.ca/

  • Modern, Responsive Website
  • Create a New Logo and Rebrand
  • Design Print Material
  • Create a Custom Inventory Application

Once we had a logo in place we then spent time working with them to create a website that would reflect their history and quality work. First step was to take some photos of their lab and staff. So we spent a day in the lab taking pictures of all their different machines, staff and areas. All the photographs on the website were taken, edited and processed by us.

Every good logo usually has a hidden or obvious motif, and in this case there were two elements. Since this was an assay laboratory, we used the circles to emulate the look of test tube beakers in their tray, from a top view perspective. Also, if you take the graphic element, split it into two and rotate it you get EA in braille.

Once the website was complete we then continued our relationship through technical support, custom apps, floor display and a catalog. This clearly shows how having a great logo really helps in all future media and branding.